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Log In to Playstation Home, You Must!

March 4, 2010

In line with the previous few weeks of our dive into the world of avatars and virtual worlds, this week sees another update to the PlayStation Home world from a galaxy far, far away.  And near, actually. Not only do you get a few Star Wars items from The Force Unleashed, the entire saga, and even Clone Wars, but you can also grab a some Indiana Jones items if you so desire. Who doesn’t want a Fertility Idol on their shelves?

So now you can dress up as Starkiller, rearrange a few Crystal Skulls, and even head out to the Central Plaza. What’s so cool out there? Keep an eye out for a new fountain featuring the worlds favorite green Jedi Master. Modeled after the fountain we at Lucasarts are lucky enough to walk by everyday, now you too can bother a bronze Yoda with everyday questions. Ask him about your career, your money, love and more – and he will give you sage wisdom in return. Check out the gallery after the jump – then head into Home and dress your avatar up!

As a side note, I still have not witnessed any Lightsaber battles taking place within Home. I am disappoint. Get out there and show us how creative you can get!

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  1. PiMD permalink
    April 9, 2010 8:05 am

    Any plans on patching Hoth for 360 to add achievements?

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